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Murray Shire Council

Moama Waste Management Facility

The Moama Waste Management Facility (also known as the Moama Waste Disposal Depot) is a Class 1 Solid Waste Landfill licensed by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) to take waste and is located at Centre Road, off the Cobb Highway, Moama.

What Waste Can be Accepted at the Moama Waste Management Facility?

Typical solid wastes that can be accepted for disposal at the Facility include:

  • Household/municipal waste
  • Waste from Council street sweepers, litter bins etc
  • Vegetative waste from agriculture/horticulture
  • Manure/night soil/disposable nappies
  • Non-chemical waste from manufacturing

Examples of inert wastes that can be accepted at the Facility include:

  • Clean fill
  • Building and demolition wastes
  • Asphalt waste (eg from roads)
  • Shredded tyres
  • Office/packaging waste

Sorting inert wastes including bricks, roof tiles, concrete (or any mixutre of these materials) for recycing is a real opportunity to save money and reduce waste disposed to landfill.

Typical green waste accepted for reprocessing at the Facility include:

  • Untreated and unpainted garden waste
  • Branches (not stumps, max 300mm), leaves and brush
  • Lawn clippings

These materials are turned into a range of compost and mulch products on-site. Products must be free from steel and plastic to be accepted as green waste.

Fridges and Freezers - These type of whitegoods, if left for disposal, could trap and suffocate young children. To avoid this danger, doors should be removed from whitegoods and other large airtight containers before disposal.

Prohibited Wastes - Council is not permitted to accept liquid waste, radioactive waste, explosives, hazardous waste (including pesticides, oxidising agents and corrosive substances) and medical waste (untreated clinical waste or sharps waste) at the Moama Waste Management Facility. Note: it is an offence to transport prohibited wastes to the Facility.

Special Wastes - Council can only accept wastes at the Moama Waste Management Facility that conform to its licence conditions, as regulated by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). Certain wastes are prohibited. There are specific conditions and costs for disposing of special wastes including asbestos, sewage screenings, animals, clinical waste and offensive waste, including advance notification of their delivery.

Waste Reduction and Resouces Recovery

Council actively looks for ways to reduce waste going to landfill. Much of the waste material brought to the Moama Waste Management Facility has potential to be diverted from landfill and turned into valuable resources. The Facility provides for systems allowing for the recovery and reuse of a range of materials, including:

  • Vegetation, including lawn clippings and tree prunings;
  • Scrap metals and whitegoods;
  • Household recyclables, including paper/cardboard, steel and aluminum cans, PET and HDPE plastic bottles and glass containers;
  • Car batteries;
  • Concrete, masonry and tiles; and
  • E-waste.

As waste is not sorted at the Facility, please help Council reduce the amount of waste going to landfill by sorting and separating your waste.

What you Can do to Help Further Reduce Waste Going to Landfill

  • Buy recycled products when you go shopping to contribute to increasing the supply of recycled products in the market place.
  • Recycle clothes and household objects by taking them to your local charity/opportunity shop.
  • Save money and buy second hand.
  • Don't buy heavily packaged goods.
  • Use refillable containers where possible.
  • Use your own shopping bags or re-use plastic shopping bags.
  • Get a composter or a worm farm to recycle all those vegetable scraps and save money on fertiliser at the same time. 

Landfill Operations and Liner System

The landfill at the Moama Waste Management Facility is designed to minimise any detrimental impact on the environment. The Facility has a compacted clay liner system to prevent groundwater contamination by capturing leachate, the toxic liquid that comes from waste in the landfill. This system has been independently designed to meet the requirement stipulated in the NSW EPA Guidelines for Solid Waste Landfills. Waste delivered to the Facility is covered daily to reduce odour, litter, dust and vermin.

Safety on Site

The Moama Waste Nanagement Facility's on-site safety procedures are for everyone's protection and must be adhered to at all times. While on site, Council asks that you:

  • Wear closed shoes;
  • Keep children inside your vehicle;
  • Do not smoke;
  • Obey speed limits and signs; and
  • Respect staff instructions.

Truck drivers must NOT uncover their loads before disposal. Drivers must seek instructions from staff about the appropriate disposal area. They must also ensure their trucks are on flat ground before tipping waste.


Contact Details:

Simon Arkinstall, Director of Environmental Services
: 03 5884 3400
: 03 5884 3417
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