The Murray Region

The Murray Region is known for its agriculture and food sector, having both rich alluvial soil and leverages the irrigation opportunities presented by the Murray River.

The Murray Region produces approximately one third of the State’s grapes, a quarter of its citrus and over half of Australia’s rice crop. The Murray Region is also home to the third largest vegetable growing area in NSW. Livestock is also important to the Region as well as a strong presence in manufacturing and retail.

The Murray Region provides a rich lifestyle for its residents, with affordable housing, picturesque landscapes, and close proximity to major cities. The Murray River not only assists the agricultural industry, it also enhances the aesthetics of the area, and boosts the recreational and tourism industries by supporting a range of activities.

The Murray Now Regional Profile is a comprehensive presentation of the Murray Region’s Economic and Social data, including a snapshot of the Murray’s most prominent and successful industries and organisations. Find out more by downloading a copy of the latest profile from the Murray Now website.

Or, for a snapshopt of the Murray and Campaspe Shires, download the one page overview below.

Download: Regional Profile 2015-2016 - Campaspe and Murray Shires