Murray Shire Council is represented by nine (9) elected members, consisting of the Mayor and eight (8) Councillors.

The Mayor and Councillors are elected by voters across the Shire and have a responsibility to the Shire as a whole. All Council members are elected for a four (4) year term of office, with the last election being held on 8 September 2012 (with a By-Election held on 11 May 2013 to elect two councillors). The next quadrennial election will be held in September 2016.

Murray Shire Council's Mayor is elected by Councillors and holds office for one (1) year. This election usually takes place at the September Meeting of Council.

The Murray Shire Local Government Area (LGA) is an undivided area, meaning that it is not divided into wards or ridings. Under this structure, Councillors represent all members of the community.

The Council's monthly meeting cycle is structured to ensure Councillors are well informed to be able to undertake their governance role and shape the future of the Shire.

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