Natural Wonders

The natural beauty and scenic wonders of the Murray Shire has been attracting visitors, who want to enjoy nature at its best, for decades!

The Cadell Fault is a ridge running from Echuca to Deniliquin, close to Barmah and Mathoura, formed when the land was thurst upwards by earthquakes tens of thousands of years ago. The fault blocked the course of the Murray River, forcing it away from what is now known as Green Gully. The 'new' western wall of earth holds back water in flood times to create a complex system of lakes and creeks, including the Moira and Barmah lakes. The Cobb Highway runs along the uplifted portion, some 15 metres above land east of the Fault, making it possible in some places to look directly over the canopy of trees growing on the lower level.

The collectively-known Barmah-Millewa Forest covers 70,000 hectares and is the world's biggest single stand of river red gum. Frequent flooding over the millennia has created a vast mosaic of swamps and lagoons, known as the Barmah-Millewa Wetlands, which is home to hundreds of species of birds, animals, plants and trees. These Wetlands have been recognised under the Ramsar Convention as "wetlands of international importance" and are also one of the Murray Darling Commission's "sites of ecological significance".

Mathoura has arguably the best access in the region to the Murray River, with good dry weather roads and no high banks. A few hundred yards upstream of the Picnic Point Boat Ramp, those in a boat can experience a natural phenomenon, where the waters of the Murray River separate and part of it flows north into the Edward River, while the balance continues south along the Murray to Barmah and Echuca/Moama. 

The Forest is a vital part of this region and sustainable forest management, coupled with the sensible and balanced multiple use of the forest is extremely important to the continued success of the region and its communities.

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