Private Swimming Pools


Due to Australia's favourable climate, backyard swimming pools and spa pools are popular for rest and recreation, but their presence brings a number of health and safety risks.

A pool is defined under the Swimming Pools Act 1992 as:

an excavation, structure or vessel:

  • that is capable of being filled with water to a depth of 300 millimetres or more; and
  • that is solely or principally used, or that is designed, manufactured or adapted to be solely or principally used, for the purpose of swimming, wading, paddling or other human aquatic activity; and
  • includes a spa pool, but does not include a spa bath, anything that is situated within a bathroom or anything declared by the regulation not to be a swimming pool for the purposes of this Act.

Download: Swimming Pool Laws Brochure

Download: Application for a Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance

To help you and the community have maximum enjoyment from your backyard pool or spa, please find below some information regarding your responsibilities as a pool or spa owner: