Emergency Management


NSW has a framework of plans, guidelines and committees for emergency Planning, Preparation, Response and Recovery (PPRR) activities at state, district, and local levels that prescribe the role, responsibilities and arrangements for each agency involved in emergency management, including councils.

The Murray Shire Local Government Area (LGA) is served by the Murray Local Emergency Management Committee (LEMC), established by the State Emergency & Rescue Management Act, 1989 (as amended) (SERM Act), which at local level is responsible for the preparation of plans in relation to the prevention of, preparation for, response to and recovery from emergencies in the LGA for which it is constituted.

Emergency means an emergency due to the actual or imminent occurrence (such as fire, flood, storm, earthquake, explosion, terrorist act, accident, epidemic or warlike action) which: (a) endangers, or threatens to endanger, the safety or health of persons in the State; or (b) destroys or damages, or threatens to destroy or damage, any property in the State; being an emergency which requires significant and coordinated response (source: SERM Act).

To find out more about the many elements to emergency management in Murray Shire, please refer to the topics listed below.