Pesticide Use

The Murray Shire Pesticide Use Notification Policy sets out how Council will notify members of the community of pesticide applications it makes, or allows to be made, to public places that it owns or controls.

The Policy has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Pesticides Regulation 1995. The Policy allows members of the community to take action to avoid contact with pesticides. Council ensures pesticides are applied to public places in a safe, responsible manner, minimising harm to the community and environment.

The Policy describes:

  • What public places are covered by the Policy;
  • Who regularly uses these public places and an estimate of the level of use;
  • How and when Council will provide the community with information about its pesticide applications in public places (ie what notification arrangements will be used);
  • How the community can access the Policy and get more information about Council's notification arrangements;
  • How future reviews of the Policy will be conducted; and
  • Contact details for anyone wishing to discuss the Policy with Council.

The Policy states that Council only uses pesticides in public places when necessary to control noxious weeds, to protect public property from pest damage and to protect the users of public places from nuisance or danger.

The majority of pesticide use consists of applying herbicides for weed control and applying insecticides to manage certain insect pests in turf and ornamentals. Bait insecticides are used for termite and ant control to protect structures and public safety wherever this is considered an effective solution. Other pesticides used include fungicides, insecticides and rodenticides.

Further information on Council's pesticide use can be obtained by calling Council's Director of Environmental Services or Manager Environment & Compliance on 03 5884 3400.